Konya’s City Hall

Konya's City Hall
2017 - Konya, Turkey
Project's Description 

The Konya’s City Hall project strategically located at the heart of the Konya city, Turkey. The city which was inhabited during the Late Copper Age, around 3000 BC. Today, it’s a pilgrimage destination for Sufis, focused on the tomb of the founder of the Mevlana order, Jelaleddin Rumi. The city building inspired by the rotation and centralism in Sufism. At the heart of the project will be the grand central city’s park – a vibrant pedestrian public realm that draw an abstract map of the city of Konya, exhibit the city’s landmarks through miniature sculptures and includes bike lanes, pedestrian paths and landing zones at different levels to create a visual-sound barrier, and to provide a wonderfull view from the building’s offices. The project is part of an extensive land reclamation in the historic area of the city and responds to the particular local climate by establishing an enhanced self-shading strategy to the building elevations as well as providing effective sun protection and rain cover in all the principal open-air public circulation and amenity spaces.


  • Appointment:   2017
  • Area:                   76000 m²
  • Location:            Konya, Turkey
  • Type:                  Offices and Headquarters 
  • Status:                Proposed 

Press Release

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