Riyadh’s world Square

Riyadh's World Square
2019 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project's Description 

Riyadh’s World Square will be a major tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia, where it is the first park of its kind in the region. The park is designed to create a miniature world on wide green spaces that enhance the Kingdom’s vision of greening the city by 2030. Architecturally, the park has been designed with trails that allow visitors to explore the seven continents of the world. Riyadh’s World Square will be home to a range of perfect 1:25 scale model replicas of famous World castles, public buildings, and large industrial projects as found at various locations in its own home countries, where they were scanned and documented by experts in the area of ​​urban documentation through most advanced documenting technologies. The park will includes all the main services for visitors from gyms, shopping centers, educational facilities to exhibitions designed specially for artists around the world to particpate and share their works beside the world historical masterpiecies.


  • Appointment:   2019
  • Area:                   90000 m²
  • Location:           Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Type:                  Museum 
  • Status:               Proposed 

Press Release

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Architecture and Design Team at Hasanen Architects
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