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Architectural & Urban Planning Projects Konya's City Hall Architectural Design More Information > The Konya's City Hall project strategically located at the heart of the Konya city, Turkey. The city which was inhabited during the Late Copper Age, around 3000 BC. The project's building inspired by the rotation and centralism in Sufism, and includes the grand central city's park, a vibrant pedestrian public realm that draw an abstract map of the city of Konya and exhibits the city's landmarks through miniature sculptures, that to provide a wonderfull view from the building's offices. Riyadh's World Square Landscape Design More Information > Riyadh’s World Square will be a major tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia, where it is the first park of its kind in the region. The park is designed to create a miniature world on wide green spaces that enhance the Kingdom’s vision of greening the city by 2030. National Museum of
Art and Music
Architectural Design More Information > The project aims to transform the existing assemblage of buildings into a world-class cultural destination. A new street frontage on Mousalam Baroudy St. to the west redefines the museum’s relationship with the city and reasserts the main entrance on the central axis – visitors will once again be able to see through the building via a new, transparent entrance lobby and refurbished glass and iron courtyard doors.
Jardin des Papillons Architectural Design More Information > The brief for the Jardin des Papillons Museum was to provide a permanent home for the 1200 free-flying tropical butterflies. The crystalline glass structure’s ceiling is between 10 and 16,5 m high. The all-over glazing merges floor and ceiling, a glance to the above reveals organically shaped skylights and the golden shading roof on top. The Project will contain five main exhibit areas to teach visitors about butterflies and other invertebrates. Massar's Interactive
Public Park
Landscape Design More Information > The public realm is a 165.000 square meter site located at a key open space, the former Old International Fairground, right in the heart of the city of Damascus. The main objectives of the project is to create a public park open for everyone and targeted for children, youth, students and families interested in developing their children’s learning experiences.
Doha's Expo Complex Architectural Design More Information > The sport complex center is structured by a play of transparencies and visual vents, which fudge the borders between the outside and the inside where surrounding nature is ever present. The openings are framed and highlight remarkable elements on inside and out. Eco-Mix City Urban Planning More Information > The Master Plan's vision is to make Tours North a multifunctional and coherent neighborhood, that relies on local producers and renewable energy. The community actively participates in creating their own way of living, enhancing environmental consciousness and generating a high quality of life in the city where agriculture and urbanism are no longer contradicting each other, instead complementing each other interdependently. Sungang Master
Plan, Shenzhen
Urban Planning More Information > The main purpose of our project is to create and strengthen the hierarchy of centers and sub-centers throughout the Pearl River Delta, reinforcing the urban network between them in addition to Better connect urban blocks through infrastructure and built means, while retaining the desirable aspects of a strong place-based identity.